Shacklewell Mutual Aid Newsletter – 5 November 2020

Hello everyone! I hope you are well. With the changes to restrictions and the high number of cases in Hackney, we’re going to print more flyers to promote the support available through the mutual aid group (and signpost to other things on offer in the ward).

Things have been generally quiet for us for a few months, but we’re expecting more requests to start come through.

Flyer delivery

We have a new flyer ready for delivery letting people know about how they can help their neighbours and get help during the new lockdown. If you can help deliver it (mutual aid activities are exempt from lockdown) please email or join the chat WhatsApp group and let us know. Thanks!


Is anyone interested in joining the dispatches team? It involves checking for requests received (via gmail) and posting anonymised call out here to link a volunteer with the request. We can go through everything with you over zoom at a convenient time. It would be ideal if you could commit to being on the rota one day a week/fortnight.

I’ve been doing dispatches since March and I’ve really enjoyed helping to link so many of you brilliant volunteers to people in need of support!

We’ll give you full training and there is a WhatsApp group for support and questions.

If you want to get involved please join the WhatsApp group or email to

About us

Mutual aid connects neighbours who need support with neighbours who want to volunteer. We’re helping people in and around the Shacklewell ward in Hackney, East London. You can find out more on our website at

If you want to get involved or have an item for the newsletter then please get in touch on the WhatsApp group or by email to We hold zoom video calls regularly which everyone is very welcome to join. Find out more on